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Monthly Archives: February, 2016

World’s Worst CV?

A great CV is a must if you want to get on in life. Whether you are looking for volunteering opportunities, a job or a training course, your CV tells … Continue reading

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Get your Zzzzzzzzz’s

Not getting enough sleep can seriously affect your mood and motivation – and so can getting too much! Take the Sleepio TestĀ to find out how you score – and if … Continue reading

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Personality Test

Understand more about your strengths and weaknesses in life, work, relationships and leisure by taking a personality test. 16 Personalities free testĀ gives you detailed information about your personality based on … Continue reading

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Need some help?

Trying to get a job when you don’t have a phone is tricky. Employers can’t easily get hold of you and you can miss out on opportunities. The Working Well … Continue reading

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How do I get to be a…?

The National Careers Service Website is a great place to look for all kinds of careers advice. Visit the job profile pages to find out what skills and qualifications you … Continue reading

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Your Strengths

Dread that question “What are you good at”? Take the VIA strengths survey to get a profile of your strong and weak areas. It only takes a moment to register … Continue reading

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On your bike

If you can’t get around, you can’t get on with your life. Working Well bike workshops offer you the chance to build your own bicycle with help from a bike … Continue reading

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