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Down to the Woods…

Our first Working Well team challenge day at Brokerswood was a great success! Our team of young people set out for Wiltshire in the pouring rain, but fortunately the weather was kind and by the time we’d completed our first challenge of building a fire and cooking lunch, the sun was out. Our instructor Matthew from Wiltshire Outdoor Learning Team was super impressed by the speed with which our crack team organised themselves to collect firewood, build and tend the fire and prepare and cook homemade burgers – which I have to say were delicious.

The next challenge was the high ropes course. Despite a few nervous wobbles from some of the less confident climbers, everyone who started the course completed it successfully. After a quick fag break to calm the nerves, we then competed to see who could build (and stand on) the highest stack of crates. There may have been a bit of inter team sabotage here… but at any rate we achieved a Brokerswood record with a tower 19 crates high. Go team!

Archery was next and a chance to pretend to be Robin Hood – then it was off to the lake for a team canoe race. Sadly we had to put our phones away for the canoeing, so no photos – but it’s just as well we did, as most of us ended up in the lake at some point.

The day was great fun and gave us all a chance to stretch ourselves and learn more about working together as a team. We’re already planning our next adventure – watch this space for details!



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